Guru-free Zone ... just trying to live as lovingly as possible

Living Kindly, Consciously, Courageously & Honestly as I can in any given moment (believe me that varies from moment to moment...)

If you get a bit of comfort from knowing you're not the only one who thinks they're bonkers sometimes then cool.  If you get some inspiration to be kinder to yourself, others (human & animal) and this gorgeous planet we share then even cooler x

Some food for feeling
(I was addicted to thinking but now realise it is a bit over-rated, feeling is where it's at)

Are you are clipart or full-colour 3D version of yourself?
Have you ever talked to someone many times and yet still have no sense of who they are? Or maybe you[...]
Wrestling with reality? – pick your battles
If I am in a funk (and I don’t mean the musical kind) I often find that I am arguing[...]
Are you a prisoner to your habits?  Plan a break out
‘If you want a better life – develop better habits’ sounds so simple but habits are tenacious little blighters.  They[...]
Is there anything to fear about fear?
Fear’s a feeling many of us would lump into the ‘undesirable’ category.  We’ve all felt it but would rather not[...]
What get’s you out of bed in the morning?
Do you know what motivates you?  A lot of people think its money.  But money is just a symbol of[...]
Are you ‘snacking’ on Soul–Sustenance?
Before we go any further let's check that we agree on soul-sustenance. For me soul-sustenance is anything that brings joy and joy[...]
Do dreams have a ‘use by’ date?
Have you ever given up on something you really, really, really wanted to do saying you are too old/busy/shy etc?[...]
Do you rank experiences using a ‘Potential for Happiness Hierarchy’?
Do you ever get caught up in a 'Potential for Happiness Hierarchy'? This is a little experience ranking game our ego[...]
Is your ‘Emotional Balance’ flat-lining or roller-coastering?
Is your 'Sliding Scale of Emotional Balance' working well?  This reflects how easily we can hold our emotional center when we[...]
Are you stuck in an ‘Infinite Loop of Conditional Happiness’?
Do you ever have the feeling you are perpetually preparing to be happy? Putting in the hard yards before you[...]
Have you got your own back?
Do you have someone who knows you really well and accepts you despite your so-called flaws, your occasional ‘fly-off-handle’ moments[...]
Decision-making – so many body parts involved…
Did your granny know it in her bones or was it her waters? Life is complicated and choosing from the plethora[...]
Glass half-empty, half-full or spilled all down your shirt?
Have you ever been looking for a certain type of car and from then on you see them everywhere? Did[...]
Are you an emotional chameleon?
Have you ever walked into a room perfectly at peace with the world only to find yourself inexplicably sliding into agitation[...]
Dial up your Deservability
I hadn’t heard of deservability until my 40’s.  Oh the deprivation...well not really but it did get the gray matter[...]
Wanna get fresh with me?
I got to do one of my favourite things last week – no, not let the kids swim until they[...]
Is your life a treasure hunt or witch hunt?
Have you ever been driving and then suddenly become aware of where you are and realised you've been on auto-pilot[...]
Perfection or Rejection – a tightrope of self-worth
Do you talk about yourself as a perfectionist with hint of pride? I used to - I thought it meant[...]